SciRank is an online platform for CDMO and CRO reviews. In Biotech, choosing the right vendor is an important step in ensuring business success.

We started SciRank to help Biotech companies select the best vendors based on firsthand user-generated insight and data. At SciRank, we provide you with user reviews, ratings and aggregated data on vendor capabilities so that you can make the choices that are right for you.

Raison d'Etre

Why SciRank?

In a game where both sides have perfect information about each other, both parties can make well-informed decisions. SciRank was birthed out of the frustration that is this information mismatch in the Biotech vendor selection process. Our goal is to improve how companies select their manufacturing and research partners.

Currently, a majority of Biotech companies are making million dollar decisions based on little more than a leap of faith, or heuristics without user generated insight or data. Technical and quality outsourcing within our industry has proliferated, yet transparency with regards to standards and capabilities is lacking. This makes it tougher for vendor managers to assess different options for fit before committing working capital.

SciRank aims to restore the balance of information by providing sponsors transparency and insights based on firsthand user-generated reviews and data. With SciRank you can tip the scales to a better-informed decision.