How the score is calculated

SciRank Scoring System

Both the SciRank Score and Community Score are based on the SciRank System, our unique scoring metric tailored to focus evaluation on vendor attributes most important to sponsors. This user-generated rating is based on evaluation of: team expertise and experience, manufacturing/research, analytical and validation capabilities, and key elements of quality, cost, raw materials and transparency.

Each attribute is factored into the final weighted score (1 - 10 scale) and converted into one of three ratings, A (6.0 - 7.5), AA (7.6 - 8.9), AAA (9.0 - 10.0), to equip our users with insights to make informed decisions.

Here are all factors and corresponding scoring weights used in the SciRank System:

Team Capability
Manufacturing Capability
Cost & Transparency
Analytical Capability
Validation Capability
Raw Material & Consumables

Each scored listing will receive a SciRank Score generated by members of the SciRank Review Committee (SRC) with direct-user experience with the listed CDMO or CRO. Each listing will also be eligible to receive a Community Score generated by members of the SciRank community with direct-user experience. The SciRank or Community Score will be accompanied by a Fidelity Score to inform users of the measure of agreement between reviewers.