SciRank’s data input for rating calculation is collected from members of the SciRank Review Committee (SRC) or members of the SciRank community with direct-user experience with the listed CDMO or CRO. These members complete the SciRank System questionnaire, our unique scoring metric tailored to focus evaluation on vendor attributes most important to sponsors.

Our ratings are based on user-generated evaluation of: team expertise and experience, manufacturing/research, analytical and validation capabilities, and key elements of quality, cost, raw materials and transparency.
Each attribute is factored into the final weighted score (1 - 10 scale) and converted into one of three ratings, A (6 - 7.5), AA (7.6 - 8.9), AAA (9 - 10), to equip our users with insights to make informed decisions. If a company receives an ‘unranked’ rating it falls below our benchmark for rating, meaning the company’s scores are not sufficiently high to qualify it to be rated or we don’t have appropriate data to provide a rating.

See our SciRank Scoring System page for more informatio

The SciRank rating is generated by members of the SciRank Review Committee (SRC), a curated team of industry veterans with breadth of experience across several vendors. Each SciRank rating is generated by at least two SRC members.

The Community rating is generated by members of the SciRank Committee that have been vetted as active members of the biotech ecosystem with direct-user experience with the CDMO or CRO in question. Each Community rating is generated by SciRank community members.

Each SciRank review is vetted for authenticity and direct-user experience prior to being published on the site. If your review is not posted, it is still undergoing our internal vetting process.

Always, and that will never change! Your name and company will never be associated with your comments, only a generic title level and role are related to a review.

All reviews are visible for biotech/pharma employees who login. If you logged in with an alternate email address, please Contact Us for more information on additional options to access reviews.

Each SciRank review is vetted, and only active employees of a Biotech or Pharma company are able to leave a review. Providing a work email is key for our vetting process and allows us to ensure that we are collecting relevant, direct-user experience reviews.


We do not remove profiles from our site. Vendor profiles are pulled from public records and publicly available information, primarily from vendor websites. If you are concerned that the public information we share on our site is incorrect, please let us know and we will do our best to update it.

The SciRank and Community ratings are generated from vetted data collected from members of the SciRank Review Committee and SciRank Community respectively. Each reviewer completes the SciRank System questionnaire based on direct-user experience they have had with your company. The best way to increase your rating is to continue to provide excellent service and to encourage sponsors to leave reviews on SciRank.

SciRank conducts a vetting process to maintain the quality and validity of reviews posted to our site: we require users to register prior to submitting a review and verify that they are employees of a sponsor organization, we do not accept reviews from employees of CDMOs or CROs, and we also read every review before we allow it to be posted. If we have processed the review in question and have determined that it meets the SciRank Community Guidelines, there are a few options you can take:

Post a response: There is a link to post a response below each review. Remember to be thoughtful and professional, your response is public and will be posted directly below the review.

Request that the review enters arbitration: If you believe the review is not from a previous sponsor of yours we will reach out to the reviewer to confirm they did in-fact have direct-user experience with you, and give them the option to edit or delete the review. During the arbitration process, the review will be removed from your company profile. If the reviewer responds and confirms the authenticity of their review, it will be reposted to your company profile reflecting any edits they chose to make.

Please note we do not verify the content of reviews but rather verify the reviewers. All reviews in SciRank are the responsibility of the reviewer. According to 47 USC 230, SciRank cannot be made liable for making available to reviewers. Please Contact Us if you would like to request a review to enter arbitration.