CDMO Spotlight

A Conversation with Flash BioSolutions

May 2024

Welcome to the May edition of our CDMO Spotlight Series! In this series, we interview CDMOs with the goal of understanding more about their business and their specific differentiation within their sectors. 

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It was a pleasure interviewing Antoinette Crooke, Business Development Manager at Flash BioSolutions.  Flash BioSolutions is a CRDMO expert in lentiviral vector manufacturing. The company supports its clients, from research to the clinic. Flash provides purified and highly concentrated particles from small to large scale with the exact vector specifications, integrative lentiviral vectors, and non-integrative LentiFlash® particles.   Hear from them in their own words what sets them apart in this competitive space. 

  1. What are your organization's core capabilities?
    Flash BioSolutions is a global CDMO specializing in gene delivery solutions. With over 18 years of experience in the bioproduction of lentiviral vectors for cell and gene therapy applications, we offer services throughout the project life cycle, from development to the clinic and beyond to market launch. 

  2. What sets your organization apart from its competitors?
    Our key assets include a client-focused approach, flexibility in our offer, an end-to-end solution, and a robust process that has produced over 10,000 custom batches of lentiviral vectors. 

  3. What can a potential client expect from the onboarding process?
    A dedicated team provides advice and high-quality vectors throughout the project life cycle, from research to cGMP manufacturing, and assists with regulatory submissions. 

  4. What is your organization's standard communication protocol?
    Communication is our forte. We believe the success of a fruitful collaboration is based on practical and regular meetings at each project step. 

  5. How do you handle and address mid-project adjustments? 
    We understand the complexity and complications that can occur in clinical projects, so we can adapt to any adjustments, whether it be modifications in production slots, analytical tests, or batch volumes. We remain flexible in our approach. 

Thanks to Antoinette for taking the time to talk with us! We hope this has given you a helpful introduction and insight into Flash BioSolutions and has enhanced your ability to make informed decisions for you and your business. Be sure to check out Flash SciRank's page and visit their website to learn more.